Fender® FXA9 Pro In-Ear Monitors

Model #: 6886000021

  • Color
    Pearl White
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The culmination of Fender's 70 years of experience creating premium audio tools, the FXA9 Pro In-Ear Monitor is a next-generation, low-profile in-ear monitor engineered for transparent, audiophile-quality audio. Assembled in the USA, the FXA9 uses bleeding-edge technology to create a peerless listening experience that's as dynamically honest and pure as it is comfortable.
  • Six HEXAD drivers; Groove-tuned bass port
  • 3D-printed DHT shell fits 95% of ears for a custom-like experience
  • 12Hz-22kHz frequency response for lifelike sound reproduction
  • 121dB @1mW sensitivity for distortion-free audio
  • Includes deluxe carrying case, 1/8 to ¼” adapter, four sizes of secure-fit tips, cleaning tool and cable
  • Highlights

    HEXAD Balanced Armature Array Technology
    HEXAD Balanced Armature Array Technology

    Equipped with six state-of-the-art balanced armature drivers, you'll hear every nuance of the mix with unrivaled clarity. The array's enhanced spatial orientation also provides you with an incredibly immersive listening experience in any setting.

    Groove-Tuned Port
    Groove-Tuned Port

    Reproducing bass frequencies properly requires more air movement than other frequencies. The Groove-tuned bass port on this model allows more air to reach the drivers, which enhances the bass response without adding any extra size or weight to the monitors.

    Independent Sound Bores
    Independent Sound Bores

    The three sound bores in each nozzle separate the low, mid and high frequencies to provide incredible coherence and a smooth distribution of all frequencies.

    3D-Printed Digital Hybrid Technology Housing
    3D-Printed Digital Hybrid Technology Housing

    The 3D-printed housing provides a custom-molded-like fit derived from scanning literally thousands of ear canals and then compiling the results to create an "ideal" fit that works for 95% of users. This low-profile housing uses 3D printing for a precise fit that seals the ear canal for enhanced bass and reduced ambient interference.

    Detachable MMCXi Cable
    Detachable MMCXi Cable

    Constructed from triple silver-plated low-oxygen copper cable, the low-impedance MMCXi cables reduce signal loss, ensuring the maximum amount of audio goes where it belongs–your ears. The unique plating treatment significantly reduces the probability of discoloration within the cable's clear housing for a unique look and unrivaled performance.

    Ambient Noise-Reducing
    Ambient Noise-Reducing

    With the combination of the 3D-printed housing and patent-pending secure-fit tips, these in-ear monitors reduce ambient noise by up to 22dB, allowing you to filter out unnecessary noise and hear what you need the most–your music.

  • Specs

    • Included Accessories
      Deluxe Carrying Case, 1/8" to 1/4" Adapter, Secure-Fit Tips, Cleaning Tool and Cable
    • Noise Reduction
      NRR 22db
    • Input Impedance
      21 ohm +/- 10% @ 1kHz
    • Cable Ends
      Detachable MMCXi clear cable