Artist of the Year 2017

We’re searching the UK to discover our unsigned singer-songwriter of the year, voted for by our judges and the public.

The winner will be crowned Undiscovered Artist of the Year 2017, and support Lucy Rose at the O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire

Stage 1 - Entries

This stage is now complete – thank you to everyone for all the incredible entries we’ve received! We will be announcing the eight semi-finalists in the next few days.

Stage 2 - Semi-Finals

The semi-finalists will perform in front of a judging panel at Proud Galleries, Camden in October and these performances will be released on our Facebook page. The judges vote and a public vote will determine three finalists.

Stage 3 - Final

The finalists will perform at a special Facebook Live show in London on 26 October 2017, to secure the highest score from the judges and the public vote as Fender Undiscovered Artist of the Year 2017.

Grand Prize - Supporting Lucy Rose

The winner will perform their own material live at the O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire, 3 November 2017.

Fender Musical Instrument Corporation, located at Leo House, Birches Industrial Estate, East Grinstead, West Sussex, RH19 is organizing a competition, “Fender Undiscovered” for the promotion of singer-songwriters between 30 Aug 2017 and 3 Nov 2017.

These Terms of Participation, as well as all other information and requirements posted to the Fender Undiscovered area of www.fender.com are part of the rules governing participation in the competition and are binding to all participants.


The Fender Undiscovered contest is conducted in three phases:

1st phase: The participants can enter between 30 Aug 2017 and 24 September 2017 ("registration period"). Entries are made via www.fender.com/undiscovered. The entry form must be completed along with a link to their performance on YouTube, Vimeo or Soundcloud. Closing date is Sunday 24 September 2017 at 23:59 (BST).

2nd phase: A Fender judging panel will make a selection of the best 8 participants from all entries. The selection criteria of the jury are artistic quality and creativity, taking into account the participant’s song (music, lyrics), mastery of the instrument, vocal quality as well as artistic performance as a whole. The 8 participants chosen by the jury will be divided randomly into 2 groups of 4 and invited to the semi-finals, which will be held at Proud Galleries in Camden, London on 3 Oct 2017. There, the participants must perform a new, original song, different to the song they originally submitted. This will be performed with a Fender® Paramount ™ acoustic guitar "Live". All semi-finalists will be able to keep the Paramount guitar of their choice from a selection defined by Fender. Each performance will be filmed and released by Fender on our YouTube and/or Facebook channels (as well as other media channels as necessary) for the public to vote on. The judging panel will also score the performance and their votes will determine one contestant per semi final to go through to the final – these finalists will be confirmed in the semi-final video posts. The public will then be able to vote for the third finalist via the www.fender.com/Undiscovered website.

3rd phase: The winners from the semi-finals phase (three in total, one from each semi-final and one from the public vote) will be announced on 23 Oct 2017 and required to attend the Final on 26 Oct 2017 at East London Studios. This final will be filmed live and broadcast on Fender’s Facebook channel using Facebook Live. Each participant will be required to perform two songs, only one of which can be previously performed material, including their entry. The judges vote and public vote will be weighted 50% each.
The winner of the final will be announced Fender Undiscovered Artist of the Year 2017 and awarded the opening slot for Lucy Rose at Shepherd’s Bush Empire on 3 Nov 2017.


1. Participants must be resident in the UK and have reached the age of 18 at the time of the registration deadline on Sunday 24 September 2017.
2. The organizer reserves the right to check the identity of the participants and the consistency of their data with those of the submitted application.
3. Employees of the organizer and their relatives can not participate in the competition.
4. Entrants must be unsigned.


1. Submissions must be by a solo artist with their own composition and accompanied by their own guitar playing during the sung performance. The submitted songs may not contain backing tracks, playbacks or drum machines and must be replicable "Live" without these aids. Effects and loopers are allowed.
2. Each person may participate only once. Participants with multiple entries will be excluded from the competition.
3. For their registration , participants may use any acoustic guitar. Fender Paramount guitars will be used during the semi-finals and finals stages, as well as for the opening slot prize with Lucy Rose.
4. Entries that are received for any reason whatsoever after the deadline shall be disregarded. Fender shall not be liable for single, connected, or collective technical disruptions to the telephone network and / or transmission lines, computer online systems, computer dating mechanisms, computer equipment, hardware and / or software, or for submissions due to incomplete, misdirected, lost, delayed, mechanically duplicated, illegible, damaged or otherwise in some way faulty data transmissions that are unusable or not received in time.
5. Fender reserves the right to exclude any material or performance which is deemed is offensive, unlawful or libellous or takes any other form which, from Fender 's point of view, could be inappropriate, taking into account the legitimate marketing interests and the reputation of Fender and its products.
6. In the same way, Fender reserves the right to exclude participants from the competition who do not fully comply with the Terms and Conditions stated here.
7. Each participant declares and warrants to Fender, with their application, that the copyright and rights of the songs (composition, lyrics), which are submitted, are exclusively owned by them, and that these works do not violate copyright and / or other rights of third parties.
8. In addition, each participant is solely responsible for the content of the works submitted by him/her to the competition, and of any and all consequences derived from the subsequent publication, reproduction and/or dissemination thereof by Fender and/or its partners. Any further liability of Fender or its partners as organizer(s) due to the publication, duplication and/or dissemination of the works of a participant is hereby excluded. If Fender and/or its partner as organizer(s) is/are sued by any third party for the use and/or purpose of the material submitted or presented by the participant, the participant shall hold Fender and/or its partner as organizer(s) harmless from such suits, and indemnify them at first request.


1. Participation in the competition is free of charge and is not linked to the acquisition of goods and / or services.


1. All copyright and promotional rights to the material submitted and performed by the participants as part of the contest remain in their entirety with the respective participants.
2. However, all participants irrevocably grant worldwide, unlimited, non-exclusive, unlimited and free of charge use of their content to Fender and their promotional partners for publication, reproduction, distribution, exploitation, distribution and sublicensing of this material in all media and forms of dissemination. The granting of rights extends, in particular, to the fact that Fender shall, in whole or in part, use the work submitted by each participant and / or presented in the course of the competition in whole or in part, as often as necessary for all purposes of broadcasting in any media, and with all forms of reproduction during the competition period, and without limitation, for any promotional purpose. In consideration of this, each participant is also aware and agrees that their name and the recordings made by them within the framework of the competition can be disseminated by Fender without restrictions and without separate remuneration, in particular also in connection with the advertising for Fender® products, including Fender® acoustic guitars.
3. Fender provides participants with this contest as a platform that can significantly contribute to establishing or enhancing their reputation. This applies in particular to the promotion of contest-related content through various media. In return, each participant makes a binding declaration that the services to be provided by Fender in connection with the performance of the competition and the publicity generated in their interest at the expense of Fender constitute a reasonable remuneration for the use of their works. Furthermore, each participant declares by his application that they are in agreement with the publication, dissemination and use of their submitted and presented works during and after the competition.
4. In addition, each participant hereby declares and agrees by submitting his/her application that he/she has not entered into any agreements, either directly or indirectly, which will not, or may not, prevent or preclude him/her from entering into the above agreements and making the above statements, preventing the enforcement of any applicable rights of use, or render them invalid, void and/or contestable.


1. Fender shall not be liable for damage to computers of participants or the computers of third parties arising in connection with the participation in the competition and / or the promotion of the prizes. Furthermore, it is particularly not liable for damage to computer systems, such as server failure or loss, corrupted data, delayed data transmission or other disturbances, which arise either directly or indirectly in connection with the participation of an applicant in the competition or the downloading of information about the competition.
2. Fender reserves the right to modify the competition and / or the conditions of participation or to cancel the contest entirely if the website used for the performance of the competition is damaged.
Similarly, Fender reserves itself the right to amend in writing the Contest and/or the Conditions of Participation in cases of force majeure, or to cancel the Contest entirely if any circumstances beyond its control, such as catastrophes, war, civil or military unrest, earthquakes, computer viruses, infringement of applicable law and in the event of counterfeiting, require it to do so.
3. Fender is not liable for payments of taxes or other costs related to the awarding of the prizes.
4. The liability of Fender for any issue related to the contest, notwithstanding the respective legal basis, will be limited to cases of intent and gross negligence in connection with the publication and performance of Fender.


1. Questions concerning the competition are to be sent exclusively by e-mail to undiscovered@fender.com
2. The personal data of the participants are collected, stored and used exclusively for the purpose of the registration as well as the execution and handling of the competition. The transfer of these personal data to third parties for marketing purposes is not carried out unless this is the express consent of the respective participant.
3. In the case of any queries, request, disputes arising from the contest, Fender shall decide on the further course of action at its sole discretion.
4. Should any individual provisions of these Terms of Participation shall be or become invalid, the legal validity of the remaining provisions shall remain unaffected. In such case, the invalid provision shall be replaced by a legally effective provision whose content is closest to the economic interests of Fender, taking into account the legitimate interests of the participants. The same applies mutatis mutandis if the conditions of participation should show any deficiency.


From beginners to professionals – everyone is welcome. Solo unsigned artists only – this competition is about your acoustic guitar, your voice and your song.


For the application phase you can play any acoustic guitar. Semi-finalists and finalists can choose a model from the Fender Paramount acoustic series to play, and to keep.


The minimum age is 18 years, no upper age limit.


All styles are allowed. The only rules are that the performance must be replicable live using your guitar and your voice alone, and not contain a backing track. Effects and loopers are allowed. We reserve the right to exclude artists/songs with controversial or offensive content.


No, we are looking for great singer-songwriters so it needs to be original material.


Yes – this is important as we need to assess how the song would replicate ‘Live’, so it shouldn’t contain backing tracks, playbacks or drum machines. Effects and loopers are allowed.


No – we will be assessing entries based on the quality of the songwriting and performance, not the recording.


11:59pm Sunday 24th September 2017




No. As part of the competition we will of course need to promote your performances, photos, and videos. The rights to the songs stay with you.


Email us at undiscovered@fender.com