Fortis™ F-18SUB 18" Powered Subwoofer

Model #: 6961800000

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More Power

Building on Fender's legacy of "art and science" engineering, the Fortis F-18SUB powered subwoofer adds 1,000W of audiophile-quality bass enhancement to a Fortis powered speaker system. Engineered for serious low end punch, the 18" woofer and Class 'D' power amp combine to kick out up to 134dB of thumping bass from 30Hz-200Hz.

  • 1,000W active subwoofer
  • Two input channels
  • Two ¼”-XLR combo input jacks
  • 9-ply voidless plywood enclosure
  • Two recessed steel-bar handles
  • Optional caster kit and padded cover available
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Fender Fortis™ Loud Speakers

  • Highlights

    18" Woofer
    18" Woofer

    The large 18" woofer provides an extended frequency response, generating chest-rattling lows all the way down to 30Hz.

    1000W Power Amplifier
    1000W Power Amplifier

    The onboard audiophile-grade Class 'D' amplifier provides 1000W of power, with a maximum output level of up to 134dB.

    Rugged Portable Enclosure
    Rugged Portable Enclosure

    Fortis Series cabinets are ruggedly designed to handle the rigors of the road, featuring a 9-ply void-free plywood enclosure and a long-lasting, durable, powder-coated perforated steel grille.

    Hardware Ready for Optional Casters
    Hardware Ready for Optional Casters

    The Fortis 18-SUB is equipped with integrated hardware for the optional Fortis F-18SUB caster kit (sold separately), which makes transport between gigs a breeze.

    35mm Pole Cup
    35mm Pole Cup

    The standard 35mm pole cup allows for easy integration with other Fortis speakers using any standard sub pole.

    Steel Handles
    Steel Handles

    Large recessed steel handles on each side of the enclosure provide strong and secure lifting points.

  • Specs

    • Channels
      Two - Left + Right
    • Inputs
      Two (2) Balanced 1/4" - XLR Combination
    • Low Frequency EQ
      LF Contour EQ Switch
    Hardware and Cosmetics
    • Cabinet Material
      9 Ply (15 mm) voidless plywood with durable paint coating
    • Handle
      Two Recessed, Steel Bar Handles
    • LF Transducers
      18" Cone Transducer
    • Amp Height
      24.25” (61.5 cm)
    • Amp Depth
      24.5" (62 cm)
    • Amp Width
      20.75" (53 cm)
    • Amp Weight
      75.75 lbs. (34.4 Kg)
    Technical Specs
    • Speaker Type
      Powered Subwoofer
    • Frequency Response
      30 Hz - 200 Hz
    • Maximum Output Level
      134 dB
    • Voltage Requirements
      100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz
  • Support