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Introducing Fender Pro In-Ear Monitors. Designed and assembled in Nashville.

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Premium, Professional Sound And Comfort

Professional-Grade In-Ear Monitors with Premium-Quality Sound For Live Performance, Recording and Listening


Custom Drivers

Made to our exacting specifications and optimized for our housing, the drivers generate distortion-free audio for a first-class listening experience, turning any musical performance into a true event. These drivers are precisely oriented, directing sound into the ear canal for enhanced clarity while coupling directly with the housing for increased sound conduction—it all adds up to a highly responsive, accurate monitoring system.

3D-Printed Precision Housing

The universal fit—derived by scanning thousands of ears—wears like a custom monitor, providing cushion-like comfort when worn with the patent-pending, secure-fit tips. 3D printing allows us to create precise curves and a more ergonomic shape, more closely fitting the natural contours of the ear for improved comfort and isolation. This technology also enables precise orientation of the custom-designed drivers, eliminating the need for a crossover.

Hand-Assembled in Nashville

Designed and carefully assembled by hand in Fender’s Nashville shop. Fender IEMs are crafted for performance. Informed by our heritage of making the finest musical instruments and gear, Fender IEMs are designed to sound, feel and perform the way Fender artists demand.


Premium Concert Hall-Quality Sound.

Articulate performance, comfort and precise clarity—all from our most robust complement of drivers, designed to replicate your performance with concert hall detail.

  • Custom full-range 9.25mm rare-earth driver
  • Dual tuned balanced armature arrays
  • 3D-printed universal-fit housing with noise isolation
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A Revolution In IEM Technology

Hybrid driver technology pairs a balanced armature tweeter with a custom rare-earth driver to reproduce any mix with stunning clarity, full-range response and ample bass.

  • Custom full-range 9.25mm rare-earth driver
  • Single tuned balanced armature array
  • 3D-printed universal-fit housing with noise isolation
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Recreate Your Mix With Detail

Breakthrough dual balanced armature array technology reproduces your mix with detailed, full-range response.

  • Dual balanced armature array
  • 3D-printed universal-fit housing with noise isolation
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Experience Rich, Full Sound.

Balanced precision, premium sound isolation and minimal distortion for serious players and music connoisseurs who appreciate definition on stage and off.

  • Custom full-range 9.25mm rare-earth driver
  • 3D-printed universal-fit housing with noise isolation
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Enter The World Of Fender In-Ear Monitoring.

Slimline shell, delivering cushion-like comfort and premium sound isolation, with a finely tuned custom driver—ideal for performances and smartphone-friendly listening.

  • Custom full-range 8.5mm titanium micro driver
  • Low-profile slimline shell
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Tips and tricks for using your Fender IEMs

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Why Should You Add In-Ear Monitors to Your Arsenal?

Whether you’re into rock, country, metal, pop, or worship, one of the basic requirements of making great music is often overlooked. You simply have to be able to hear yourself.

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There are many reasons why Fender Pro Series in-ear monitors (IEMs) are a smart add to your essential gear list, many of which are outlined here.

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