Josefina Hand Wound Fat '50s Stratocaster® Pickup Set

Model #: 0992272000
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A Hallmark of the Fender Custom Shop, the Hand Wound Fat '50s Strat pickups are designed to deliver the full-bodied "dream" single-coil sound found in many original late '50s Stratocaster guitars. Enhanced bass response, punchy mid-range, crystalline highs combined with delicate touch responsiveness have made the Hand Wound Fat '50s the preferred pickup set for many top players.


  • Limited Release hand wound by Master Pickup Winder, Josefina Campos
  • Heavy Formvar-coated wire
  • '50s era cloth covered leads and fiber bobbins
  • Vintage staggered hand-beveled Alnico 5 magnets
  • Reverse wound, reverse polarity middle pickup
Josefina's Hand-wound Fat '50s Pickups