Despite being originally designed for jazz musicians, the moody tone of the Jazzmaster made it irresistible to entirely different generations and styles of music, from surf to shoegaze and beyond. Born in Corona, California, the American Performer Jazzmaster delivers the exceptional tone and refined feel that has made it a must-have, now with new player-oriented features and specially-designed Yosemite™ pickups.

  • Two Yosemite™ single-coil pickups
  • ClassicGear™ tuning machines
  • Vintage-style Strat® synchronized tremolo bridge


Introducing the first specially-created alnico pickups ever offered on a Jazzmaster at this price point. Designed as a set with each calibrated for its respective position, these pickups feature a unique, taller geometry that results in a full, fat and focused tone. Each pickup features flat-staggered alnico 4 magnets for added presence, bass and output, producing a slightly updated take on the warm, mellow sounds of this icon of the underground.