Jimi Hendrix™ Voodoo Child™ Electric Guitar Strings

Model #: 0730250609
.010-.038 Ball End
.010-.038 Bullet End
.010-.038 NPS Ball End
.010-.038 NPS Bullet End
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Jimi Hendrix set the music world on re with his rule-breaking playing style and one-of-a-kind tone. Make a fundamental piece of his full, warm tone yours by winding up a set of Jimi Hendrix Voodoo Child™ Strings, with Jimi’s signature heavy-high, light-low gauge setup.

Easy to bend and full of the magic that was the source of his sound, these strings are a painstaking recreation of Jimi’s beloveds. Move over Rover—and let Jimi’s strings take over.

.010, .013, .015, .026, .032, .038


  • Vintage nickel or nickel plated steel
  • Ball-end or bullet-end design
  • Type
  • Subtype
  • String Gauges
    .010-.038 NPS Ball End
  • Material
    Pure Nickel or Nickel Plated Steel