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8250 Bass Strings (5-String)

Model #: 0738250456
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A Versatile Set of Strings for All Styles

Fender 8250 nickel-plated steel strings deliver the high output and dynamic sound of steel with the smooth feel of nickel. The set also includes taperwound E and B strings to provide enhanced sustain and intonation. If you're looking for a set of strings to accommodate rock, funk and other styles of music, these strings are sure to make your bass cut through the mix.

82505M: .045, .065, .085, .110TW, .130TW


  • Long scale
  • Designed for electric bass
  • Type
  • Subtype
    5-String Bass Strings
  • String Gauges
  • String Ends
  • Material
    Nickel-Plated Steel

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