Rumble™ 112 Cabinet

Model #: 2380000000

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The Newest Addition to the Rumble Family
For bassists everywhere at all levels who prize a great-sounding 1x12" enclosure with textbook Fender punch, power and clarity, the Rumble 112 Cabinet delivers all that plus great affordability. Re-voiced from previous versions to produce superior tonal detail and low-frequency translation, it also features Eminence® speakers, a premium high-end compression horn and Fender's magnetic Rumble head-attachment system, which magnetically holds the Rumble 200 and 500 heads securely in place atop it for a perfect pairing.
  • Rated at 500 watts (program), 250 watts (continuous)
  • One 12” Eminence® speaker
  • Compression driver horn with attenuator switch
  • Magnetic Rumble amp head attachment system
  • Lightweight ported plywood enclosure with removable grille
  • A great companion to the 200 combo
Experience the Lighter

Rumble™ 112 Bass Cabinet

  • Highlights

    Extension cabinet
    Extension cabinet

    Rumble bass cabinets produce a superior level of sonic detail and low-frequency translation, with Eminence® speakers and premium high-frequency compression tweeters. They’re also equipped with a remarkably convenient magnetic head-attachment system that holds Rumble bass heads firmly in place atop them.

    Speakon® connectors
    Speakon® connectors

    For even more secure and efficient coupling between amp head and speaker enclosure, this cabinet is equipped with a Speakon® jack in addition to a standard ¼" jack.

    High-frequency compression tweeter
    High-frequency compression tweeter

    For sweet and clear high end with focused definition, this Rumble cabinet features a high-frequency compression tweeter with a convenient three-position full/off/-6dB switch.

  • Specs

    • Wattage
      500 Watts (Program), 250 Watts (Continuous)
    • Cabinet Material
      Lightweight Plywood
    • Amplifier Covering
      Black Textured Vinyl
    • Grille Cloth
    • Handle
      Two Recessed, Steel Bar Handles
    • Speakers
      One - 12" Eminence® Ceramic Magnet
    • Total Impedance
      8 ohms
    • Amp Weight
      31 lbs. (14.06 kg)
    • Amp Height
      18.5" (47.0 cm)
    • Amp Width
      19" (48.3 cm)
    • Amp Depth
      14" (35.56 cm)
  • Support

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