8-Hole Mount 1-Ply Telecaster® Pickguards

Model #: 0064109000

  • Color
    Bakelite Black
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One of the really nice things about Fender® instruments is that you can change the look of your instrument with relative ease. One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is to replace the pickguard. Fender offers a variety of pickguards in different colors and materials to help you add a personal touch to your favorite Fender instrument.

Contemporary 8-Hole mount pickguards with neck pickup mounting holes.

Fits American Series/Standard/Deluxe/Special and Highway 1™ (USA) Road Worn®, Player, Blacktop, Standard, and Deluxe (Mexico), and Squier® Standard Series (2004-current) models.
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Installing a Pickguard and Output Jack