G&G Standard Hardshell Case - Mustang® - Jag-Stang® - Cyclone™ - Duo-Sonic™

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Storage for Short Scales

As long as there have been great Fender® instruments, there have been great cases for 'em, a tradition that continues today with the large range of cases to choose from.

This case fits most Mustang®, Jag-Stang®, and Cyclone™ guitars.

Note: this case does not have a storage compartment.


  • 3-ply hardshell wood case
  • Vinyl end caps and plastic molded handle
  • Acrylic plush interior lining
  • Fits most Mustang®, Jag-Stang®, Duo-Sonic™, and Cyclone™ electric guitars
  • Internal Dimensions: 39-1/2" x 12"

Cases and Gig Bags
  • Type
  • Material
    Vinyle texturé
  • Interior
    Black Acrylic
  • Exterior
    Etui rigide