Custom Shop Guitar Quick Clean - 16 oz

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Striking Sheen in a Bottle

Increase the luster of your instrument onstage and off, with a no-mess Custom Shop spray formula that is compatible with all finishes without causing streaky buildup.

  • 16 oz positively charged anti-static formula
  • Resists dust, sweat, grime and fingerprints
  • UV protective coating for increased gloss and depth
  • Safe to use on nitrocellulose, chrome and plastic finishes
  • High-carnauba formulation containing no silicones, polymers, bonding agents or alcohol


  • 16 oz. bottle
  • High-grade carnauba formula
  • Contains no silicones, resins, polymers, bonding agents or alcohol
  • Compatible with all finishes, including nitrocellulose
  • Safe on chrome and plastic

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