American Deluxe 4-String Bass Bridge Assemblies ('04-'10)

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Made for Fender® instruments in a variety of vintage and contemporary models. Originally featured as an upgrade to American Deluxe Series basses in 2004, this bridge features grooved and plated brass barrel-style saddles and top-load or strings-thru-body bridge plate design.

Package includes bridge plate, four barrel-style saddles, saddle height screws, and intonation screws/springs. Does not include mounting hardware or string ferrules. 3-screw bridge mount design.

Used on American Deluxe Bass (US) models manufactured from 2004-2010.  Will not retrofit directly to a traditional 5-screw mount bridge.


  • Chrome bass bridge assembly
  • String-through-body or top load design
  • Three-screw mounting
  • Four "barrel"-style saddles
  • Mounting hardware and string ferrules not included
  • For American Deluxe bass models (2004-2010)
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Installing a Bass Bridge

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